This is a Numenera Campaign. Welcome to the 9th world. This campaign draws influence from Game of Thrones, Warhammer 40K, Halo, Mass Effect, Battle Angel Alita, Breath of the Wild, Dune, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wheel of Time, Star Wars, Star Trek, Tenchi Muyo, Akira, Eclipse Phase, Annihilation, etc.

The Ninth World

The Ninth World is Earth a billion years in the future. To the people of the Ninth World, recorded history started about 900 years ago. Before that time, humans lived in barbaric tribes and isolated farming villages.

No one knows how much time has passed between the fall of the previous civilization and the rise of the Ninth World. People dwell amid the flotsam of impossible ultratech of eight prior galaxy spanning civilizations and call it magic. Unimaginably huge machines lie beneath the earth, and satellites orbit high above, transmitting a web of data and free energy. Nanotech, gravitic technology, genetic engineering, spatial warping, and superdense polymers allowed the inhabitants of the previous worlds to reshape the planet. Mass and energy were theirs to command.

After the fall of the TiKoballen regime in Iscobal there has been instability across the Steadfast. Malevich invaded Iscobal allegedly to restore Queen Thera tiKoballen to the throne but others whisper that Regent Ellabon has her own designs for Iscobal. Avatar Aang has invaded Navarene in the North. In the South The Pytharon Empire inaded Matheunis with the help of the Angulan Knights. The Aeon Priests are at war with each other over a schism in belief.







Knife of Dreams

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